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La Bamba concert in Almaty 2022

Dear friends! Music has always had the ability to cheer up, bring up positive emotions and unite different people with its rhythms.A friendly Almaty Symphony team invites you to our next concert, which has received a bright name - "La Bamba"!
You will hear a collection of various instrumental compositions, which we consider to be among the most cheerful in our repertoire.
"La Bamba" concert will be held in a new location for us, in the SmartSpace hall at the SmArt.Point center.
We are waiting for you on April 16st at SmArt.Point - Bayzakova, 280. You have to bring your good mood and a willingness to hear music that will definitely encourage everyone to swing to its rhythm. See you!

  1. Bela Bartok "Rumanian Folk Dances"
  2. Johann and Josef Strauss "Pizzicato-Polka"
  3. F.Kreisler " Tambourin Chinos"
  4. Aaron Copland "Hoe-Down" from "Rodeo"
  5. Johann Strauss "Anna Polka"
  6. Johann Strauss "Gallop polka"
  7. Jacob Gade "Jalousie"
  8. Leroy Anderson "Plink Plank Plunk"
  9. Leroy Anderson "Horse and Buggy"
  10. Leroy Anderson " The Waltzing Cat"
  11. Leroy Anderson " Bugler's Holiday"
  12. Leroy Anderson " The Syncopated Clock"
  13. Leroy Anderson" Jazz Pizzicato"
  14. Leroy Anderson "Serenata"
  15. Leroy Anderson "Fiddle Faddle"
  16. Loony Tunes Fugue
  17. Claude Debussy "Golliwog's Cake-walk"
  18. Luiz Bonfa " Manha de Carnaval"
  19. Jacob do Bandolim "Noites Cariocas"
  20. Angel Villoldo " El Choclo"
  21. Zequinha de Abreu " Tico Tico"
  22. Traditional Son from Veracruz " La Bamba"
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